black cardigan outfitCardigan Sweaters are made from cotton, wool, a combination of synthetic and natural or cashmere material and have zippers or buttons on the front. There are many types of cardigan sweaters, such as chenille (finely spun yarn) cardigans, cardigans with an emphasized stitch such as cable knit cardigans, and fleece (a soft version of wool) cardigans. Cardigan sweaters may be traditional length of down to the hip, but may also be made into long cardigans. More adventurous fashion designers have created the tiny cardigan with the 3 quarter sleeve.

Aran Knit Sweaters, also called Irish Aran sweaters and Aran Island sweater, were created on the West Coast of Ireland by the different groups, or clans that live there. Authentic Aran knit sweaters are hand knit and usually made in Ireland and still tell stories of the clan and where they live in the Western Isles through the type of stitches used. There are men’s Aran crew neck sweaters and women’s Aran cardigan sweaters, and Aran sweater knitting patterns were closely kept secrets, but now can be found in books for a low cost and on the internet.

Cashmere Sweaters are made from the wool of goats living in mountain regions. It is a beautiful and more delicate type of material than traditional wool and must be cared for and gently cleaned. Cashmere is made into different types of styles of sweater for men women and children. There are men’s cashmere sweaters and women’s cashmere v neck sweaters. There are cashmere wrap sweaters and cashmere cardigan sweaters as well. For more relaxed occasions that still require a slightly dressed up look there is a man’s v neck cashmere sweaters and a man’s turtleneck cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters can range in cost, but for those with a sharp eye, discount cashmere sweaters may be had through searches on the internet and through bargain hunting at upscale stores.

Argyle Sweaters have been popular for many years. These sweaters are easily spotted because of their distinctive pattern of overlapping shapes, and are generally seen as argyle pullover sweaters and argyle sweater vests. There are free argyle sweater patterns on the internet, and both a man’s argyle sweater patterns and a woman’s argyle sweater pattern may be purchased through stores or retailers who deal with knitting and crocheting supplies.