The first colds immediately make you dress warm. And the fashion industry already knows which styles and colors will be popular in the fall-winter of 2019-2020. Let’s look for cute sweaters for winter 2020 together.


Silk, satin, knitted or cotton ribbons, laced similar to corset tightening, have become one of the hallmarks of popular sweaters. If in previous seasons the ties were thin, now they should be voluminous and noticeable, and the crosshairs should be of such a size that the skin could be seen. It looks especially gentle when it is an oversized sweater model. Lacing can be located along:

  • back;
  • sleeves;
  • sides;
  • shoulders;
  • neckline;
  • neck.

But on one sweater there should be no more than 2 asymmetrical lacing, otherwise the thing becomes overloaded with decor. Holes for threading ties can be decorated with embroidery or metal circles. The thing will emphasize tenderness and femininity if the color is selected from a pastel or powder palette.

You can combine a sweater with ties with jeans, trousers, skirts of any length, or put it on over a dress, shirt, sundress. An interesting mix would be the combination of such a thing and lace-up boots

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UGG Women’s W Ceanne Turtleneck Sweater

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Simplee Women’s Autumn Winter Warm Sexy V Neck Lace Up Backless Pullover Sweater

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Crop sweater

This refers to a style that exposes the abdomen. But this does not mean that it must be worn on a naked body, most often a crop sweater is worn with a skirt or pants that have a high waist. In another embodiment, you can make a multilayer look with such things:


T-shirt ;



A fashion version is to wear a denim or velvet sundress, fine knit golf, and a warm crop sweater on top. In this case, the thing should have a volume, for example, due to coarse knitting with plaits and braids or an oversized style.

However, a crop sweater can also be tight-fitting, it resembles a cropped turtleneck and is most often ribbed. In this design, all of the above combinations are valid, only it can’t be worn on top of other things


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V back cut out sweater

Who wants to seduce and keep the intrigue, this option should like. A sweater worn over a naked body with a V back cut out looks stunning. But, if it has a deep neckline, he takes on a vulgar appearance and loses his charm. Bright and dark models look more interesting, they more expressively emphasize the tenderness of the back.

By the way, the cutout should fall no lower than the shoulder blades, otherwise the sweater becomes uncomfortable. Sweaters of “chain mail” knitting look the best in slightly enlarged rough format.

Low shoulders

Even girls who seek to create a positive image are allowed to bare this part of the body. This slightly sloppy and romantic detail helps to attract attention and does not look vulgar at the same time.

The only taboo for this option was the peering bra strap. It is better to choose a bra-bandeau, or to put a T-shirt under the bottom. Her strap is quite acceptable. In addition, a sweater with a lowered shoulder can be combined with other things, it looks especially gentle with basic shirts.

Very popular models in which both shoulders are bare. They are held on sleeves or on an elastic band around the neck. In the latter case, it seems that the fabric on the shoulders was carefully cut out, and the armhole was left ….


Stylish sweaters for fall 2019

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Fancy Sleeves

Tired of experimenting with waist and length, fashion designers have found a new object for applying their imagination, and this applies not only to sweaters or sweaters, but also to other clothes. It’s about sleeves, in the new season they can be like this:

  • elongated;
  • flare;
  • wide;
  • “Bells”;
  • puffs;
  • tailoring a bat;
  • with inserts from ties, nets, buttons;
  • with slots, bumps and pompons ….


With torn elements

Artificial holes on the sleeves, back or chest, as well as fringe from elongated threads will create an original and slightly eccentric image. It can be balanced by a strict shirt and a midi skirt. Or completely go into casual style, putting on jeans and a T-shirt with a “torn” jacket ….

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She has become a hallmark of fashion in the last couple of years. Therefore, it is not surprising that asymmetric details are found in sweaters and sweaters. It can be: different lengths of sleeves; unevenly distributed decor; beveled on one side of the gate or clasp; multilevel bottom ….

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