There is no doubt about it: knitting sweater is not just for Grandmother’s anymore! In communities all over the country, knitting circles are popping up, gathering together to share this timeless craft.

The end result is a plethora of homemade knit sweaters that people love and care that much more for. To sweeten the pot, knit sweaters have soared in popularity in hot fashion trends.

Sweaters top most holiday gifts, and the home knit sweater is no exception. Some home knitting aficionados even throw around the term, “The Curse of the Love Sweater”. This is when a home hobby knitter makes a sweater for a significant other, who later ends the relationship! Some contend that in the “Curse of the Love Sweater”, the breakup actually takes place before the knitter even has time to finish the sweater! Nonetheless, knit sweaters will remain popular among people who are committed to one another, people who love to knit, and people who just love to wear a good hand-knit, homemade sweater.

If you’re interested in taking up knitting yourself, so that you can make your own knit sweater, you’ll need a few key materials to begin. First, you must choose the type of wool you’d like your sweater to be crafted from. Popular varieties include Alpaca, Cashmere, or Lambswool. The type of wool you choose should dictate which kind of needles you’ll need. Needles range from everything from long to short, thick to thin, to bamboo to metal, and everything in between. However, the packaging on the outside of the yarn of your choice should tell you exactly what to get. If there is any confusion, seek out the assistance of someone in the yarn shop in which you’re shopping. Most people do not work in yarn shops unless they really love knitting, and know what they’re talking about!

If you’ve never knitted before, you may want to begin with a less complex garment than a knit sweater. Knit sweaters require some complex patterns, unique stitches, circular needles, and a bevy of other seemingly complicated things. You may want to begin with a scarf. If you’re a more advanced knitter, a knit sweater may be the perfect garment for your next project. Above all, look into joining a local knitting group. If it is a more class-like atmosphere, it may cost money. If it’s more of a community knitting circle, you may just be able to rely on the support of more experienced knitters…and engage in some social interaction while you’re working on your new knit sweater!