Norwegian SweatersOnce you start acquiring better quality sweaters, you’ll start hearing about Norwegian sweaters. Much like some of the best wines in the world are crafted in France, Norway has some of the best sweaters made on earth.

Norwegian sweaters are often made considered hand-made, however this doesn’t mean there is a crew of people sitting in a warehouse in a circle knitting away 24-hours a day. The way that Norwegian sweaters are crafted is by using knitting machines to carefully craft the sweater pieces and then they are stitched together by hand. Pewter buttons or hook and eye closures are also traditional in the making of Norwegian sweaters.

There are two many manufacturers of Norwegian sweaters. The first is Dale of Norway and the other is the Volund company. Both companies create sweaters that are carefully hand-made in Norway and then pieced together by hand using traditional stitching. The sweaters made by both companies were 100% wool only for years, however in recent years they started making 100% cotton sweaters to give buyers that were allergic to or simply didn’t prefer wool sweaters an alternative.

Norwegian sweaters traditionally have a box-shaped design and often have detail work around the sleeves and button areas. Another plus for the Norwegian-made sweaters is their innovative knitting techniques that result in few to no loose strings on the inside of the sweaters which make raveling and holes a problem that is rare in Norwegian sweaters.

If you want to have a quality-made sweater that will last for years and years to come and made with a classic style that will stay in the forefront of fashion, you need a Norwegian sweater.