When the colder months approach, you might find yourself dreading the thought of wearing a sweater because although you love the look of wool, it makes you so darned itchy! There’s an answer and it’s soft and comfortable when made into a sweater; it’s cotton.

Cotton sweaters look every bit as elegant as their wool and cashmere counterparts, however they aren’t itchy and for adults and children with wool allergies, it’s a great way to stay warm, look great and be comfortable. Another big plus for cotton sweaters is that they can be usually be washed either in the gentle cycle in your washing machine or to keep them looking like new, hand wash using a mild soap and then lay flat to dry.

Another positive point for cotton sweaters is that they come in a huge array of colors. Cotton holds dye extremely well and pastels, brights and all colors in between saturate the cotton fibers easily and those fibers retain dye very well. This means a bright cotton sweater can be used to wake up your boring winter wardrobe. Other types of cotton sweaters include a crocheted sweater made from cotton spun yard, that winter classic – the cable knit which is perfect if you’re layering your clothing for warmth; and last but not least, once reserved for wearing close to home, the cotton hoodie sweater.

If you need a gift for someone and you aren’t sure of their preferences regarding sweater material, you can’t go wrong with cotton. It’s never itchy, always soft and stays bright and looking nice through many wearings and washings. So, go ahead, make your next sweater, one made of cotton!